Boost Your Home Value!

5 Little Things that will Impress Appraisers

By HomeSwing on April 17, 2018

Interested buyers often hire an appraiser to estimate your home's value. Even little things can impress appraisers and boost your home's value. Here are 5 inexpensive home improvements you can make right now!

1Finish out a Second Living Space

If you have a basement that could be furnished as a second living space, there is no reason why this would not be an excellent investment. Any potential buyer would not object to having an entire second living space that could be rented out, used for guests, or even as a storm cellar.

2 Have New Insulation Put In

Insulation is a solid investment to make anywhere. Not only does it improve the value of your home, it also ensures that heating and cooling costs for the buyer remain as low as possible which is always attractive.

3 Build a New Deck

A deck is a beautiful addition to be made to your home, and is a great investment to your home whether you plan to sell or not. If you already have a deck, consider something simple like repainting, or replacing some weak boards.

4 Try Out a New Front Door

The front door is one of those things that makes a huge difference because it’s one of the first things a buyer sees. A bold, new front door will give a brand-new look to the house, and options like steel or fiberglass front doors are in high demand with buyers.

5 Plant a Tree for Cash

Even something so simple as a tree can add significant value to a house. It’s a well-known fact among appraisers that a healthy and mature tree can add anywhere from $1000 to $10000 to the value of your house! Planting a tree is cheap too, well worth the money that you could reap from just a single plant.

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