Get WOW's from Buyers with these 5 steps to a better home showing.

"WOW" Potential Buyers!

5 Steps to a Better Home Showing!

By HomeSwing on April 17, 2018

We all love HGTV’s depiction of buying the perfect house. The couple walk in and find a gorgeous, immaculate masterpiece of a home just waiting for someone to offer money for it. However, not every house is lucky enough to be that clean. To make the best first impressions on your potential buyers, here are 5 steps to a great looking home!

1 Land Your Very First WOWs with a Perfect Exterior

Often, the very first impressions are made as soon as a buyer exits their vehicle. They immediately start the examine to outside, inspecting for anything that might cause them to look somewhere else. It’s important that you pay attention to your home’s exterior appearance, and make sure that the grass is mowed down, the sticks are picked up, and any old, faded, or broken furniture is removed. It is also a good idea to hire someone who pressure washes, and have them come out and spray your house.

2 Avoid Slippery Situations by Checking for Leaks

Leaks are of those things which should just never be found in a home ever. Having a leak anywhere can be indicative of problems elsewhere in the house. This goes for leaks in the roof, plumbing leaks, and ventilation leaks.

3 Pleasure their Soles with Clean Carpets

Nothing says, “I don’t care about my home” like matted, sticky carpets. Even carpets with only a couple spots can leave a lasting impression on a potential buyer. Cleaning carpets is easy though, most Wal-Marts have kiosks where you can rent a carpet cleaner, or if you’re the busier type you can hire a company like Stanley Steamer to clean them for you. Plus, clean carpets give off a unique, pleasant smell.

4 Reapply Caulk in Places Where Leaks Could Form

Old caulk can look like dirty teeth to a prospective buyer. It’s important to make sure that you reapply caulk anywhere that needs it. This has two benefits in itself too: it prevents leaking, and it also gives the bathrooms a ‘remodeled’ appearance.

5 Make Sure the Medicine Cabinet Is Cleaned Out

It’s always a good idea to dispose of anything old looking or out of date. You should always hide prescriptions you don’t want nosy buyers seeing. It’s also important to remember that buyers will want to see every little place in your house too. There should not be anything obstructing their view of the interior.