Thinking about selling your home? 5 things you must do before selling your home

Thinking About Selling?

5 Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Home

By HomeSwing on April 17, 2018

It’s easy to look over some of the most important things to make sure you’ve done before you put that ‘For Sale’ sign up for grabs. Thinking About Selling Your House? You MUST do These 5 Things First!

1Research Your Own House on the Internet

The very first thing that a prospective buyer will do when looking over your house is evaluate it from the internet. Using Google Earth and Google Street View to get an idea on how your house looks from above is a good idea. You can use an online website to get an estimate of your house’s value as well. You should also consider checking your county tax records for information regarding how large you house is, how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, and any other relevant information. Often there can be errors in the records; now is the time to make sure everything is accurate!

2 Thoroughly Check Your Agent’s Record Before Hiring

Your agent is obviously a very important part of the process. The agent will hook you up with the right people to buy your house, but it’s important for you to find the right one first. You should check the records of any agents you plan to hire to sell your house. It’s good to evaluate them based on their previous experience selling houses, and any marketing experience they have. They should be glad to provide you with experience and references upon request.

3 Make Notes About Any Improvements You’ve Made

Even the most sophisticated websites won’t factor in improvements you’ve made to your home. They base their calculations on general location, number of bedrooms/bathrooms etc. Considering that, it’s a good idea to make note of any improvements, and any problems along with how you fixed them (you did fix them right?). The buyer will be more appreciative that you took care of and invested in your house.

4 Deep Clean the Inside of Your House

It cannot be stressed enough that a clean house is a sold house. When the buyer walks in, they don’t want to smell anything except the fresh scent of lemons and linen. We don’t just mean a general clean either. You need to clean those places you’ve never even seen before. Just having a clean house can be the difference between making the sale, and wishing you had cleaned beforehand.

5 Ensure the Buyer’s Entrance is Flawless

This point is so important that it deserves to be on another point. The buyer’s entrance must be completely well kept, pruned, and peachy. It’s one thing to have a less-than-linen inside, but the outside of the house is enjoyed by both the owner and anyone that passes by and deserves undivided attention. You should also check that the doorbell works, and triple-check the key to the front door works.

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